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We are an HR boutique consultancy run by professionals with more than 20 years of true experience and track record in the HR arena. Our key differentiator is our unique combination of strong experience in HR processes and deep knowledge about Technology Industry.

Our purpose is to become the consultancy firm most known for connecting top talented people with the most exciting projects around globe. We love what we do and we are inspired by generating passion in others. We firmly believe that humans deserve to enjoy their work and live a more rewarding and fullness life.


We are uniquely positioned to provide the best candidate research and highest candidate quality in the field connecting candidates and employers that culturally match.
We have a strong expertise on the development of strategic HR programs for Human Talent Management.
We stand out due to the high quality of our interactions and services.
We definitely help companies build world-class talented teams.
We are dynamic and flexible to meet the needs of all stakeholders.
We act as business partners working side by side of our clients (companies & candidates).
We take confidentiality and privacy very seriously. Our process guarantees a full protection of information.


Vanesa Boccelli


Labor Relations Bachelors’ Degree at Universidad de Buenos Aires. I am a professional with over 20 years of true experience in HR arena. I have strong management and HR knowledge working for different leading companies and cutting edge industries. I am a highly motivated professional passionate about working with a proactive positive attitude and results oriented. I have become a role model as an HR professional that inspires other to work professionally very hard giving the best of them in each interaction. I have a proven track record creating and managing successful HR departments for different startups from huge multinationals to boutique software companies.


Talent Acquisition

We provide clients with recruiting and staffing services across different industries. Our team has strong experience in many different industries and areas of business, but our recruiting focus remains on Technology Industry.

We help our partners build and strengthen their teams by finding and recruiting key professionals who fit the culture and bring the skills and experience to drive organizational results.

We offer a high quality experience both to candidates and employers. We treat parties as we would love to be treated. We act as advisors, adding value in each stage and keeping in touch along the complete process.

We combine an agile approach with targeted recruiting process, best selection and assessment techniques.
We are flexible and willing to assist in the hiring process in a way that makes sense for your company. We also have the expertise to provide psychological and potential assessments to help our clients to make the best acquisition decision.

Staffing Remote Services

We provide recruitment outsourcing services by helping organization transfer all its recruitment process and activities to a remote function managed by STH.

We build an expertise and full dedicated team to provide support in all recruitment functions. We can take after and guarantee to our clients best results in the following areas:

★ Assessment Centers
★ Talent Acquisitions
★ On-boarding
★ Documentation
★ Recruitment campaigns
★ Employee Branding
★ Reports, Dashboards and activities tracking

Talent Management Strategy

STH design, develop and implement a set of customized HR programs as an essential component of the company talent management strategy. We love to challenge the standard approach, we think differently so we can help you to bring innovative ideas to your company.

Attract and release the potential of talent is the best strategy for any type of company. The key issue is also to shape the culture of your organization to create the best environment where the talent can thrive. We can design the best HR program that will help your company to meet strategy and business objectives. We specialized in the following areas:

★ Culture Management
★ Employee’s Engagement & Internal Communications.
★ Career Path and Development Programs
★ Potential Assessment
★ Competencies Framework Design
★ Job Description & Company Mapping
★ Compensation & Benefits Program
★ Onboarding Programs
★ Training Activities

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